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William Tuttle Color Foundation
Price:  $15
Product Form:  very light cream
Waterproof:  Yes
SPF:  unknown
Available:  Professional beauty supply stores that cater to makeup artists such as Friends, North Hollywood, CA and Alcone, New York, NY.
Ideal For:  Most PWS, older skin, people of color
Apply Time:  Easy to apply but colors may have to be mixed
Application Tips:  Apply with a brush over the PWS, then lightly apply a bit more with a sponge over the rest of the face to even it out. Set with powder. (I used a rice powder cake, which added no additional color).
Beauty Factor:  The lightest most natural-looking full coverage makeup

Comments from people who have used this product...
Created by the legendary Academy Award-winning makeup artist William Tuttle. The downside is that it's hard to find and although there are many colors available to match the skin tones of all races, I have to mix two colors to get a good match for my very ordinary Jewish complexion. I save time by premixing up a batch and keeping it in a small, tightly sealed jar. Available online but color matching would be difficult unless done in person.