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Letters to the Editor: Summer 2010

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Dear Editor:When I was about 16, my ever so wise, and "clairvoyant" great-aunt told me that she'd had a dream about a past life I may have lived. In the dream, I was a young girl who was madly in love with a boy, whom I was not allowed to be with for one reason or another...(auntie wasn't quite sure of the circumstances) nonetheless, we continued to see one another and shortly thereafter, I was punished with a good ol' fashioned stoning. One of the stones struck me right beneath my right eye, resulting in the PWS I sport nowadays in my current life. Until then, I'd never really given much thought to the idea of reincarnation or past lives...not to say that I am now a believer...but it was a cute story. It was difficult for me as a teenager to deal with the shame and embarrassment I felt with having a PWS on my face. The story made me feel better somehow. It made me feel like there was a reason for all the pain I endured because of my birthmark. Perhaps, my birthmark will help reunite me with my love- in this life...

Narin Ly

Dear Narin:Aww, we're suckers for these sorts of stories. Thanks for sharing!

Dear Editor:My name is Chen Yongyue. I'm a student from Shantou University in China. It's unfortunate that I'm born with a red mole in my right face and neck.The mole is big so it troubles me a lot. Especially when I was a primary school student and middle school student , some naughty students would tease me. Sometimes I was intolerable and then fighted with them. I didn’t tell my parents about it because I thought my parents couldn’t do something with it. Therefore it only made them sad if I told them. Have gotten over the most tough time of my life, I became a high school student. I found the students here didn’t tease me as before but I sometimes still felt inferior.

Now I am still unwilling to go to a new place or meet some Strangers because of my red tire moles. After the College entrance examination, I told my mother my experience. My mother comforted me but she felt sad as well. My neighbour told me that my mother had cried many times when I was out. Thereby I was a little regret to tell her but it has hidden in my heart for about 10 years. There are many other stories about me however because I’m a Chinese, it is hard for me to express what I want to say. If I say something wrong, Please forgive me.

I have two annexes which are the photos of my red mole and you can see them if you want. Thank you to listen to my stories. If you can't help me, I will thank you all the same. Maybe there are more people need your help.

Dear Chen:Your English is very good.

Your mark looks like a port wine stain, not a mole to us. These can be treated (possibly faded) with the appropriate pulse dye laser by an experienced doctor. Please contact: Dr. Qian Liu at

Having a facial difference can be challenging.

(Editor's note: as of this writing Chen has decided not to pursue laser treatments as he is concerned about reoccurrence).

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